Easiest Way to Design Landscape Lighting Around Your House

Published: 15th February 2012
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It would be a great mistake if you ignore the solar landscape lights in your landscape lighting design. Who does not like to make his or her house a dream house when viewed at night? Landscape lighting is the only way to create amazing beauty and at the same time, it gives you a good protection from unwanted entries.

If you want to be an artist, landscape lighting is the right way for you, as it needs an installation of several forms of lighting with a huge amount of light fixtures. As landscape lighting is an art, it is a normal tendency to install a big amount of lights of different forms and styles for different effects; hence, it is a case of big investment.

Affordability is a big question behind the perfect landscape lighting as it is always a case of huge expense. Solar landscape lighting is now a popular alternative in landscape lighting where there is a chance of huge reduction in investment and no payment of electricity bills as these lights don’t work in electricity.

Installation of these kinds of lights is a great chance to reduce the dangerous carbon level in the atmosphere and you must think about it seriously now. However, some types of solar landscape lights are there those are important to keep in mind.

It is true that every day we are getting new inventions of solar light fixtures but mainly there are three types of lights in this category required for the perfect garden lighting. Three main types of lighting are necessary in designing the successful landscape lighting for your garden.

Normally, a good landscape lighting plan needs a division of an outdoor area into three main parts. First, the illumination of the busiest areas, like the pathways, driveways and entryways.

If you have large number of tall trees and bushes inside your garden then these should be kept under your next priority for strong illumination at night and in this list, obviously there should be your house backyard. These areas are mainly the target areas of the burglars.

Highlighting the areas where there is the source of water such as the fountains and pools along with the statues if any, or any special areas of your house are the last and final section of marking for the ultimate beautification of your outdoor looks.

Pathways, driveways and entryways are the main areas of your house outdoor where you have to walk, drive your car and take entry to your house yard; hence, there are quite chances to have injuries and accidents due to lack of lights. Use good quality solar path lights and driveway lights for these areas.

Both these types of lights are very inexpensive and user-friendly. These lights need no electrical wiring as these are completely solar powered. These solar lights come with several easy mount options like sticks and you have to just push them in the ground and then power on them.

Alternatively, you have other fixing options of these lights like flange mounts or brackets and hooks to hang them from the wall. You have no headache to turn on or off these lights because they store solar charges in the batteries all along the daytime and automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn. For a low price, you can install a series of solar path lights along the path and driveway.

Additionally, these lights provide a security for your home as turning on these lights shows that the house is not empty even if when you are not in home. To get the full benefits of these lights, you have to place them under direct exposure of sunlight.

To focus something special with extra brightness inside your garden, solar spotlights are very good choice for your outdoor security lighting. The darker sides of your house like the backyard and the bushy areas, you need to install the solar spotlights for a greater benefit, though these lights are costly.

In this context, I will suggest you to consider the motion activated solar spotlights for the installation in the backyards and the other dark areas for an extra security. I also suggest you to check the durability and the level of brightness before buying these lights. The brightness of these lights are given by the LEDs used in these fixtures.

Accentuate the high-end trees, statues or any elevated areas of your exterior house area with these lights. However, do not place these lights in such a way that it makes disturbance to your neighbor houses. Last the decorative section that is required for the beautification.

If you have any water base like lakes, ponds or fountains, the well lights are a good option for creating a dramatic lighting. Many people use these well lights to create a drama on the textured walls of their houses. These well lights are small in size and can be kept hidden under the ground but focus on the walls to create amazing shadows. For better result, use colors in the well lights.

There are several decorative lights maintained by solar power those are used in the pools around and also can be used as floating lights in the water. These lights are all with LED and hence very durable and give enough brightness.

As far my knowledge and experience, I have given here some basic ideas of good outdoor lighting based on solar lights to decorate your house and create an attraction to your neighbors.

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